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What Went Right This Week: Hope for Stabilising the Climate, Plus More Positive News
Gavin Haines | Positive News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Jan 2021

7 Jan 2021 – Scientists said the climate could stabilise with decisive action, Norway pulled ahead in the race to drive combustion engines off the road and the US state of Georgia elected its first black senator – plus the week’s other positive news.

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The Circular Economy: What Is It, Why Is It Important and How Can We Embrace It?
Gavin Haines | Positive News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Nov 2020

3 Nov 2020 – The principle of circular economics twists the planet trashing linear model into a loop by eliminating rubbish entirely or treating it as a resource. The virtues of going round in circles: Nature is a circular economy in action. Nothing goes to waste. Plants flourish, fade and die, and become compost and food for other creatures.

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